Trinity Will Writers has closed.

Please accept my apologies for not getting back to you if you have trying to get in touch. I (Chris) have been unwell for some months and I have a considerable backlog of correspondence which I have only just been able to start work on again.

I am in the process of returning everyone's Wills. Our storage account is now closed and our rewrite service is suspended but until I contact you to confirm your details all of our existing stored Wills are safe in our insured archive. I will return your documents as soon as I am able but regret I will not be able to answer any individual enquiries regarding the timescale for returning any individual client documents - although I offered to do so for a while it is unfair to "bump people up the queue" when everyone needs their documents back as soon as possible.

If you the executor of somebody who has died please send an original death certificate with a cover letter signed by you, with your current address to me directly:

C Davies
70a Nottingham Road
Belper DE56 1JH

Post sent to our old address in Kingsclere will be returned to sender as the company is now closed. John had to retire at short notice during the first Covid lockdown and is unable to help with any enquiries.

I am very sorry that we had to close at such short notice and that I am not able to deal with returning all the files I have in storage as fast as any of us would like. It is a massive job, and I am sure you will appreciate that every document needs to end up in the right hands. Please bear with me - I'll get to you as soon as I can.

Chris Davies